What is the 165 Mile Club?

This club is an exclusive group of people who have completed the entirety of the Tahoe Rim Trail. You can do it on foot, by horse, and a lot of it on a bike. You can do it all in one go or in sections over the span of years.

Why should I join the 165 Mile Club?

The TRTA wants to honor your incredible accomplishment! Membership in the 165 Mile Club is forever. Once you join the club, we will send you a Tahoe Rim Trail Association patch with 165 Mile Club accompanying rocker patch along with a beautiful, full-color certificate of completion. Your name will be featured in the next Trail Blazer, and your name and unique 165 Mile Club number will forever be displayed in the 165 Mile Club Hall of Fame below here.

How do I join the 165 Mile Club?

We operate on an honor system, assuming that if you apply to join the 165 Mile Club, you have completed the entire journey around the Tahoe Rim Trail. The TRTA holds high expectations of 165 Mile Club members that includes following Leave No Trace wilderness ethics by treating the natural environment and other trail users with kindness and respect. In order to promote and inspire that same respect in all TRT users and maintain the integrity of the TRT, admission to the 165 Mile Club requires a current TRTA membership. Join or renew today here.