Wildflower Rides


Big Meadow Ride

Classification: Easy

Distance: 1.4 miles round trip

Highlights: Large open meadow with potential to see stunning wildflowers in early summer.

Location: Big Meadow trailhead

Access from: South Shore Lake Tahoe

Description: A trail leads 200 yards from the end of the parking lot to Hwy 89 — cross with caution and look for a trail marker on the south side of the highway. The trail climbs somewhat steeply to the south over rocky terrain, through a thick forest of Jeffrey pine, western white pine, and fir. After 0.2 miles, you will pass to the left of Big Meadow Creek, a large stream dotted with huge granite boulders and lined with aspen trees. After another 0.1 miles, the trail flattens and arrives at a junction — be sure to continue straight ahead on the TRT. Soon you will reach Big Meadow, with great views of the surrounding mountains enjoy the sites before returning to your car.


Page Meadows Ride

Classification: Easy

Distance: 1.4 miles round trip

Highlights: Page Meadows area with great wildflowers and terrific fall colors.

Location: Ward Creek Boulevard trailhead 

Access from: West and North Shore of Lake Tahoe

Description: The trail heads east for 0.2 miles, then joins a northwest climbing dirt road. For the next 0.5 miles, you will follow this road steeply uphill through a thick forest of white fir and Jeffrey pine. Near the top of the hill there is a break in the trees, allowing for views of Ward Canyon, Ward Peak, and the Sherwood Chairlift of Alpine Meadows. At the next dirt road be sure to turn left and stay on the TRT. Page Meadows is actually a series of five interconnected meadows, which provide spring wildflowers, colorful drifts of aspen leaves in the fall, and great mountain views all year long. Make sure to remain on the trail as meadows are very fragile ecosystems! After enjoying your meadow experience, turn around and return to your car.