The Tahoe Rim Trail crosses six counties and two states. Finding information on how to navigate the wide array of public transit systems, taxi services, and shuttles can be challenging. The TRTA has compiled a list below of maps, links, and resources to make your travel to the Tahoe Rim Trail easier.

Public Transportation

Trailhead parking access is very limited. The TRTA encourages users to explore alternative transportation options to help minimize user parking hardships. These services are a great way to avoid driving multiple vehicles for point to point hikes or rides.

Public transportation reminders:

  • Only service animals are permitted.
  • Limited bike racks are available on all transit and not allowed inside.
  • Schedules change based on time of year.
  • Be sure to carry exact change for bus fair.

Tahoe Trolley west shore trail access reminders:

  • Bikes are not allowed on the trolley
  • The trolley only operates from June to September with mostly weekend service.
  • TRT connector access is available at Glen Alpine, Inspiration Point (Bayview), Emerald Bay (Eagle Falls), and Meeks Bay.

For information about additional connections and services available in the basin please visit the Tahoe Area Regional Transit (from Sugar Pine Point to Incline Village) and the Tahoe Transportation District- South Shore Services pages.


Alternative Transportation

Disclaimer: The following options do not imply endorsements by the Association but are services available in the Tahoe Basin.

Shuttle Transportation

Ride Share Services 

Both Uber and Lyft are now available in the Tahoe Basin. In South Lake Tahoe, CA, both of these services are only able to pick up passengers in California. They can however, drop off passengers off in both states. LTE/3G coverage is required along with app download onto a smart phone device.


North Shore

South Shore