Share your love for the outdoors and join the TRTA Guide Team!

The Tahoe Rim Trail Association trains and maintains an extraordinary team of enthusiastic and knowledgeable volunteer Guides to help all people enjoy the trail. TRTA Guides provide a vital service to the Association and the Lake Tahoe community by leading a variety of unique hikes to educate and build connections with the natural environment of the Lake Tahoe basin. This creates an ethic of care for the wilderness and preservation of the Tahoe Rim Trail and Lake Tahoe basin. If you love trails and want to share your passion for the outdoors, we encourage you to attend our TRTA Guide Training typically held each spring. Whether there’s snow or wildflowers on the ground, the Guide Team is encouraging community members and visitors of Lake Tahoe to be engaged in year-round outdoor pursuits. TRTA Guides are dedicated to the TRTA Mission, and promote wilderness ethics and stewardship on each and every hike they lead.

“Volunteering with the TRTA has been a great opportunity to share my love of the outdoors with others and work with a great group of people.”

– Bill Holt (TRTA Guide)

After successful completion of TRTA Guide Training, you will become a Guide In Training and begin to put your skills to the test by joining day hikes led by experienced guides who will show you the ropes and allow you to practice your guiding skills. Some new guides will quickly complete the Guide-In-Training checklist based on their prior experience and comfort level. Ultimately, the pace in which you complete the checklist is your own. Once you complete the checklist and confidently demonstrate all guiding abilities, you will advance to become part of the TRTA Guide Team.

TRTA Volunteer Guide Basic Requirements:

  • Demonstrate good physical fitness and ability to move confidently and efficiently when traveling on trail
  • Present a positive and commanding attitude on safety when leading a group
  • Demonstrate a high standard of leadership working with a variety of public personalities and a diverse mix of abilities and outdoor skills
  • Very comfortable in the outdoors with good route finding and navigation skills
  • Show ability to establish effective communication with regard to the hiker’s safety, comfort, and enjoyment
  • Demonstrate an ethic of care and respect for the environment
  • Have an appropriate standard of equipment as required for hikes and hiking trips
  • Hold a current Wilderness First Aid and CPR certification or higher, i.e. EMT, Nurse, Ski Patrol


For more information, contact Lindsey at or (775) 298-4491.

Thank you, TRTA Guide Team!

Guiding for the TRTA

The TRTA leads many different on-trail hikes all year long. Depending on your skill level, fitness and interest, you can train to become a volunteer TRTA Guide for any of the following programs:

Public Hikes and Snowshoe Treks

The TRTA offers a variety of free public hikes for people of all levels and abilities year round. Hikes are sometimes partnered with organizations to add an “interpretive” element. The TRTA will schedule these hikes during the winter, summer and fall hiking seasons, and your help is needed. In the winter months, these hikes become snowshoe treks that are offered at several locations around Lake Tahoe on the Tahoe Rim Trail. It is highly recommended that all TRTA Guides who want to lead snowshoe treks attend Snow Camping 101 to learn many safety considerations associated with winter recreation and travel with groups.

Backcountry Skill Courses

The TRTA coordinates backpacking courses in the winter and fall for individuals interested in learning more about snow camping and summer camping. This is a great way to take your leadership skills developed on day hikes, and learn to lead an overnight backpacking program.

Segment Hiking Program

The Segment Hiking Program offers people the opportunity to complete the Tahoe Rim Trail in a single summer season during a series of day hikes. Segment Hikes take place on a predetermined day of the week and hike on that same day from June through September. Group sizes are limited to 11 people, and a shuttle service is included to transport TRTA Guides and participants to the trailheads. Segment Hike Guides must be in excellent physical condition, have good familiarity with the Tahoe Rim Trail, have superior risk management skills and be able to complete a 20+ mile segment comfortably.

Annual Thru Hike

The Annual Thru Hikes are important events for the TRTA, as they involve guiding participants on a two-week thru hike of the Tahoe Rim Trail. While experienced Thru Hike guides are given preference in leading this program, new guides are welcome to apply and train for any remaining open spots. Thru Hike guides must be skilled leaders of people, technically proficient backcountry travelers, and excellent team players who are patient and realize they are on duty around the clock for 15 days. This is truly a remarkable way to donate your time to the TRTA, as you provide an incredible service to the participants who are embarking on a life-changing journey.