Your Donation At Work

The Tahoe Rim Trail Association is the primary steward of the Tahoe Rim Trail’s 200 system miles. Working in partnership with the US Forest Service, we work tirelessly to provide a world class trail experience for over 400,000 users today and in the future. This world class trail experience requires significant time and dedication to not only implement the trail building and maintenance projects our organization is famous for but a plethora of projects and programs we tackle including: 


  • Introducing youth to the outdoors
  • Addressing trailhead capacity and transportation issues
  • Teaching Leave No Trace principles to users
  • Assessing use and use patterns on the Trail
  • Providing wilderness medicine training
  • Hosting public education series on topics including hiking with kids and geology of the trail
  • Contributing to the Tahoe Basin’s recreational economy by bringing hundreds of thousands of users to the area
  • Providing guided public hikes
  • Reviewing and providing comments on local and regional planning efforts that impact the trail
  • Convening various partners to get key trail projects jump started
  • Managing the TRTA website, the definitive resource for trail information
  • Leading backpacking trips for local and regional youth groups
  • Tracking major regional challenges, such as Sierra tree mortality, and addressing their impact on the TRT


  • Evaluating best practices for managing heavily used sections of trail
  • Providing up to date information on trail conditions
  • Working with regional trail groups
  • Supporting environmental education in schools
  • Answering thousands of phone calls and email inquires about the trail
  • Offering introductory backpacking and snow camping courses
  • Coordinating with public agencies, cities, and counties to ensure the Trail is considered in their projects


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