Protecting the Tahoe Rim Trail Experience

Constant Vigilance and Concerted Action

Behind the scenes, the Tahoe Rim Trail Association is working nonstop to address obstacles that threaten the trail and the outdoor recreation community while proactively engaging with dozens of agencies and organizations to improve and protect the trail we love.

The Tahoe Rim Trail Association has the privilege of being the primary steward of one of the world’s most beautiful long-distance trails. Along with that privilege comes the responsibility for protecting the trail from threats that could undermine or degrade the experience of hiking, biking and riding on the trail. Each year TRTA staff and volunteers spend thousands of hours making good on our commitment to that responsibility through direct action both on and off the trail. Behind the scenes, we are proud to be advocating on behalf of our members and the outdoor recreation community by standing up for the interests of the Tahoe Rim Trail and recreation access in the Tahoe Basin and throughout the region. In addition, we are continuously engaged with our partners in planning for future improvements to recreation infrastructure that make meaningful differences in the lives of hundreds of thousands of trail users. Out on the trail, we are incorporating proven research and techniques with the latest technology to tackle significant and challenges that affect the trail experience.

You Can Help

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Advocating for the Tahoe Rim Trail means communicating the value and importance of the trail and outdoor recreation to elected officials, public agencies, private companies and individuals.

Advocacy is the way we ensure that the voices of our 2,300 members are heard during the public decision-making processes that affect land use, development, resource protection, and recreation access – issues that are central to the trail experience.

Visitor Use Management

With over 400,000 estimated annual users there is a potential for the Tahoe Rim Trail and the surrounding corridor to be loved to death. Along with promoting Leave No Trace ethics among all trail users, effective management to protect the Tahoe Rim Trail experience requires staff and volunteers dedicated to understanding and influencing complex ecological and social relationships. By pairing remote sensing technology and advanced digital mapping with old-fashioned on the ground field work, the TRTA is able to establish accurate use and impact data that is utilized to make science-based decisions incorporating the latest research in recreation ecology, resource management and related fields.

Evolving Threats to Safety and Access

Just as the trail is constantly changing over time so too are threats to the trail. Evolving issues including extensive drought, climate change and declining federal and state agency budgets must be addressed in order to protect the Tahoe Rim Trail experience. Mitigating risks and preserving access are the impetus behind some of our most essential programs, including our efforts to identify and mitigate hazard trees along the trail.

Planning in Partnership

As we look to the future of the Tahoe Rim Trail and outdoor recreation in the Tahoe Basin and the surrounding region there are numerous challenges to face. The TRTA remains committed to working alongside our agency and organization partners to improve trail systems, trailheads, and recreation opportunities in our community. By acting as a catalyst and organizer, the TRTA helps bring diverse groups together to work towards common goals including increased public transportation access to recreation sites, improved sanitation facilities and expanded outdoor education opportunities. With your support, the TRTA can continue working diligently to protect the Tahoe Rim Trail experience.

The TRTA Needs You

Public support of our trail protection programs is the only way for the TRTA to continue to manage and improve the trail and expand recreation opportunities around Lake Tahoe. If you enjoy hiking, biking or riding on trails in the Tahoe Rim Trail System, please consider supporting the organization that makes it possible.